getting to the heart of things...

Kokoro (ko-ko-ṙo): Heart, not as the body part but as a feeling. Kokoro also means spirit; mind; mentality; emotions; feelings. It is often written こころ using the hiragana writing system.
I believe that all human beings suffer and the degrees to which we do suffer, vary throughout our life and sometimes quite intensely. Some people know exactly why they are suffering and others are trying to understand yet everyone is surely looking for some sort of relief. I also believe that it is in our relationships where we most find ourselves confused, depressed, anxious, angry and disappointed. (Work, Love, Family, Friendships). In my office, I have seen time and time again that through a healthy therapeutic relationship, people find relief.  Outcomes from the counseling experience are emotional growth, internal healing, wisdom, self-awareness and self-confidence as they become to accept themselves through being seen and accepted in the therapeutic relationship.
The power in the therapeutic relationship is equalized in my work and you determine what you want to discuss in therapy. My job is not to analyze your experience, but to be a supportive companion. Did you know that the original definition of courage was "to tell the story of who you are, with your whole heart?” Holding onto our story and repressing our experiences, thoughts and feelings only keeps us living in fear and restricted from not only others, but ourselves. This can lead to great dissatisfaction in our lives. The goal is to become more conscious of our thoughts, emotions and without criticizing ourselves for what we think and feel.  This is where the important work takes place for the client while having the courage to tell our story. Lastly, my passion with regard to myself and with clients, is a humanistic, holistic, person-centered, contemplative approach while learning and teaching mindfulness practices. My training (and science tells us too!) and experience has taught me that with mindful, compassionate recognition and awareness of emotional states, clients enhance their own consciousness.  This will begin the journey of learning how to accept all of who we are as well as accepting others others wholeheartedly so that we can live more compassionate, full and loving lives.  
I now am offering other services aside traditional counseling such as mindfulness|meditation classes and coaching.

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