Welcome to Kokoro Wellness

Taking care of ourselves is the best way to achieve emotional wellness and we know that nothing can grow in the shade.  When we are emotionally well, we are aware of and accept our feelings versus ignoring them.  Kokoro, is a beautiful Japanese word which in English translates to mind, heart and spirit as one.  When our hearts and minds are balanced this is true emotional wellness.  Sometimes, our lives can become overwhelmed with frustration, anger, sadness and worry and we veer off that path of feeling well emotionally.  Having regular counseling sessions in a highly confidential, private and supportive environment can help you get back on the path of feeling better again.  Each one of us, is deserving to live with contentment and I welcome you or yours to take care of yourself and become emotionally well through the services we have to offer.  Lastly, I invite you to look around the website to learn about who we are and why this small counseling private practice may be best suited for your unique needs.

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