Counseling services 
At this time I am accepting new patients however time slots are very limited to mostly daytime only and no after school hours. 

Please refer to and search for therapists in your area should our schedules not work well together.  

Generally, individual sessions are 45 minutes long for adults or children yet first appointments (intakes) are generally one hour. 

Payment is due at the time of service and at the beginning of sessions (some sessions can be difficult and this ensures that business doesn't interrupt the flow of therapy). 

                               I ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING INSURANCE:







Meditation Classes


Kinda Zen: 
NMR Buddhist Meditation Center
Thursday Evenings 
Meditation Center Raynham
Help learn how to cope with your most difficult emotions, problems and conflicts through the power of Mindfulness practice.

Classes are absolutely for all!
(A portion of your payment goes back to the meditation center as a donation for use of the meditation center | temple space each week)

Seats must be reserved using the Paypal link to the bottom of this page. Once you reserve your spot via Paypal you are a member of the session (or class) and you will receive an email from me.

Sessions are typically 4 classes in total unless noted. Individual classes are available and folks are welcome to drop in to a session if you are interested in checking out the experience

Also, please join our facebook group (facebook link below) if you are interested in staying connected with daily mindful thoughts and also for updates on our mindfulness meditation kinda zen session details as well. 

In Kinda Zen sessions, we will learn to be with whatever is going on in our lives, together. Wht a glorious space at the new meditation center and temple! The environment with me during class is one of non-judgement, acceptance and compassion. These are also the fundamental components of mindfulness. One of the best ways to practice meditation is in a group. Group meditation is where we sit together, suffer together and awaken together. I often read some inspiring poetry as well during class as you are relaxing into the moment. I also am giving gentle guidance through the process as well as emotional support, insight, clarity and I teach you a mindfulness skill that can be used lifelong and that has been taught by the best mindfulness psychiatrist, psychologists and researchers in the field. 

Over time, this practice of mindfulness and meditation helps us cultivate courage, non-judgement, deep compassion, humor, and stability in the face of all aspects of our daily lives. 

Research on mindfulness has shown the following:

Reduced rumination of the mind.
Stress reduction
Boosts working memory
Less emotional reactivity
More cognitive flexibility 
Relationship satisfaction
Fear regulation

During these sessions I also discuss the challenges that come with being fully present such as insecurity, fear and disappointment.

*These sessions are not recommended if you have had a recent trauma*
You do not need to bring a mat for Kinda Zen classes and shoes will be left outside of the meditation room so feel free to wear socks to keep your feet warm :)
Kinda Zen
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mindfulness meditation classes and coaching

Mindfulness Mini options

Saturday Mini Mindfulness 
 is located at my private practice in South Easton 
Rt. 138 at 430 Turnpike Street.  
Classes held on particular Saturdays with certain times. Check Kinda Zen facebook page for next Saturday session availabilty or contact me. 
Mini’s are 45 minute sessions

You know how we sweat the small stuff and how those “little” issues can interfere with your entire weekend or week and turn into something huge? Come bring your issue to my Saturday mini mindfulness sessions and learn how to practice mindfulness with your stressors. This will be a great way to end your week and start your weekend right. I will teach you a mindfulness skill used by the best mindfulness practitioners out there and a skill that is also empirically supported. 6 slots per class. Must bring a cushion or pillow to sit on. PS I have a golden retriever there in case you are allergic :)